Yes: Producer Brian Kehew talks more about the new Progeny 14CD live set, new sound clip available.

Progressive rock band Yes have posted the following:

Listen to ‪#‎PROGENY‬ with producer Brian Kehew: Part 3 of 9
Mood For A Day / Clap (Toronto)
"Most concert recordings reserve a track or two for ambient sound—the clapping, cheering, and music in the room. For the first show in Toronto, the sound engineer placed the audience microphones too close to the crowd, so instead of registering a useful pair of ambient tracks, he got individual voices yelling and talking throughout the show. Most of this was removed except for the between-song clapping and ambiance. The crowd noises during the music were not only distracting, but also revealed some bizarre and insulting comments. Thankfully, after Toronto, someone set the audience mics more carefully, and the remaining shows have a more general and distant audience sounds."
— PROGENY producer, Brian Kehew