Yes: Progeny 14CD live set producer Brian Kehew talks about restoring Rick Wakeman's Six Wives solo.

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Listen to PROGENY with producer Brian Kehew: Part 2 of 9

Excerpts from Rick Wakeman's 'The Six Wives of Henry VIII' (Toronto)
"Rick’s keyboard rig was a continuous source of problems, not surprising given its extensive (and cutting-edge) collection of technologies. As Jon says during one concert, the rig had broken down almost every show that week, most notably in Toronto. On that tape Jon announces Rick’s keyboard solo as “a duet with the local radio station” since the infamous Mellotron keyboard had been intercepting a local broadcast all night. In a classic Spinal Tap moment, the disc jockey can be heard clearly saying, “It’s half-past 10 on CJRT 91.1, I’ve got music for you . . . Les McCann . . .” and Chuck Mangione can be heard playing along with the band in their mix! We managed to remove almost all the radio leakage from the performance, although a bit of it can be detected during the Toronto keyboard solo."
— PROGENY producer, Brian Kehew