Anup Sastry: Ghost - groove djent metal with programmed guitars

'Ghost' is an album written, recorded, and produced by my self. It is a compilation of my own work over the past several months. Writing and releasing an album has been something I've wanted to do for a while now, and it has finally become a reality.

All of the guitars and bass are 'programmed'. I am a drummer, and that is the only instrument I know how to fluently play. I've always enjoyed using music as an outlet to express my self, and this is why I started doing what I do. I feel like I have found a unique way of composing and producing music, and I am able to express my self through other ways outside of just a drum kit. 'Ghost' is a reflection of this...

I thank everyone who has downloaded, purchased, and shared 'Ghost'. The support and feedback I have received are very motivating, and I really appreciate all of the interest it has been getting.

Guitars, bass, drums, mixing, producing, and mastering were all done by my self.

'Ghost' was released in March of 2013, but I wanted to upload a full album stream to my account for a while now. So..... Here it is!!!


0:00 - Legend
2:59 - Limitless
9:05 - The Boss Level
14:00 - Wastelands
18:28 - Discovery
24:55 - Skywalk
29:55 - Ghost
35:35 - Reflex
39:50 - Crystal

Also, below is a link to my Bandcamp page where you can download 'Ghost'. It is free/pay-what-you-want!
Anup Sastry - Ghost - Full Album Stream