Being: Anthropocene - excellent cosmic metal djent electronica

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Steven Serrato This album is easily one of the greatest works to ever be made. Every track is a journey through space and time; the musical material exemplifies such an advanced level of musicianship, and the lyrics speak on such an existential level that many others cannot imitate. This music leaves me in awe and wonder every time I listen to it. Favorite track: Story For A Muse.
Guitar, Synth & Programming: David Furrevig
Drums & Programming: Jason Novalis
Vocals, Lyrics, Piano & Synth: Casprin Haruna
Bass: Will Donnelly (Villains Like You)
Instrumental Production by Taylor Larson & Casprin Haruna
Vocal Production by Spencer Sotelo & Casprin Haruna
Engineering by Will Donnelly & Casprin Haruna
Mixed by Taylor Larson
Mastered by Taylor Larson
Written and Composed at Dualism Studios
Produced and Engineered at Oceanic Recording

0:00 - Cosmonaut (Misha Monsoor - Periphery)
5:00 - DNA
10:20 - Mindflay (Brian Wade and Josh Clark - Vestascension)
13:44 - Story for a Muse
18:08 - A Part, Apart (Brian Kohlhoff - An Obscure Signal)
22:48 - Perpetual Groove
29:56 - Arcane Acedemic (Gabriel Riccio The Grabiel Construct; Travis Orbin; Justin Gosnell - Vestascension)
37:40 - Escape (Patrick Purves - Life on Repeat; I.V. and Royal - The Fresh Republic)
44:04 - Sorrow (Andy Gruhin)
49:09 - Air Atlantic (Spencer Sotelo - Periphery)
53:20 - The Singularity - Terrans I
59:15 - The Singularity - Cosmists II (Kento Watanabe)

Being - Anthropocene (Full Album)