Ben Prunty: Color Sky is one epic journey across your own subconscious - cinematic electronica

I am an expert at giving off the appearance that I know what I'm doing. I also make music for games.

1. Dusty Road 03:52
2. Night Bridge 04:12
3. Morning Bridge 05:30
4. Renegade 03:48
5. Drifter Transit 02:39
6. Woodlands 04:44
7. Day by the Ocean 04:11
8. Metro Molecule 03:52
9. Courtyard 02:58
10. Grasslands 05:17
11. Time Without Us 05:20
12. Color Sky 09:52

Color Sky is one epic journey across your own subconscious. Each track represents just a small part of each world you visit in your dream journey. The titles give a hint as to what you encounter, or you can ignore them and craft your own interpretation.

Color Sky was written as a response to the many, many FTL fans telling me they listened to the FTL soundtrack while they worked or studied. I hope this album gives you a similar level of deep enjoyment. Listen to it while you work, study, drive, or travel. I recommend listening to it all the way through in the proper order at least once, as the tracks have been arranged to make for an interesting sonic journey.

The cool, minimalist album art was made by the incredibly talented Lily Nishita. See more of her work at
released 08 December 2014