Beyond Galaxy: Fabio Mazzoni (just 15 )- Collapsing - EP Ambient/Progressive

Collapsing is my first conceptual album.

The songs are composed and arranged on MIDI. the first and the second song are TUX GUITARfiles, but the rest of the songs are GO PLAY ALONG files. I know the quality is not the best but soon as possible I'm gonna make the same video but with very good quality, so stay tuned.

Track List:
Illusion (intro) 0:00/ 2:17
Across the infinity 2:18/ 6:15
Become a reflection 6:16/ 10:52
Universe Rencarnation 10:53/ 14:20
Inside of the other word 14:21/ 17:09


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Fabio Mazzoni
(I'm 15 years old)
BEYOND GALAXY - Collapsing (Full EP) (Djent/Ambient/Progressive/Hard Rock)