Cosmic Ground: berlin school electronic by Cosmic Ground featuring Dirk Jan Müller

Bart Furp Audio evidence as to why Dirk Jan Müller's band Electric Orange chose their name. Sits proud beside any Tangerine Dream album.
Includes an 18+ minute bonus track "Decay", so put this album on and prepare to be elsewhere for a solid hour and a half. Favorite track: Deadlock.
1. Legacy 14:07
2. Deadlock 16:25
3. Ground 33:24
4. The Plague 14:18

Cosmic Ground is a solo project by Dirk Jan Müller, Keyboard player of Electric Orange.
If you are expecting 70s dark psychedelic electronic music you are right here!
Download contains one bonus track not on the CD. If you buy the CD an immediate download is surely included.
released 08 March 2014

Dirk Jan Müller: mu modular, eurorack modular, fender rhodes, mellotron, moog sub phatty, philicorda, farfisa compact, farfisa professional duo, solina string ensemble, roland rs202, korg ms20, roland sh1000, hohner string melody II, elka rhapsody, nord wave, moog voyager, hohner clavinet, oberheim sem, korg mini-pops, leslie 760, hohner MIDI necessary...