Endarker: Synthesizers in the studio - Studio Sweden

Recording studio since 1998.

If you're into electronic music
and love the fat sounds of analog synthesizers
and tired of software synthesizers,
we can bring new life to your mix

We are talking about warm
sounding analog oscillators,
not sampled piano,
strings and vocals, or other instruments,

So if that's your thing,
send us your midi files
and get real analog sounds
from hardware synths.

Regardless how good you think
your software synthesizers sounds, it's not real.

Moog SUB 37 - Monophonic or Paraphonic Analogue synthesizer
Korg Monotribe - Analogue Synthesizer with MIDI
Moog Minitaur - Analogue Bass Synthesizer
D.S.I Tetra - Multitimbral four-voice Analogue synthesizer
D.S.I Mopho Keyboard - Monophonic Analogue synthesizer
Korg Volca Keys - Analogue Loop-Synthesizer
Korg Volca Beats - Analogue Rhythm Machine
Korg Volca Bass - Analogue Bass Machine
Elektron Analog Keys, four-voice Analogue synthesizer
Waldorf Streichfett - Polyphonic string synthesizer


Synthesizers in the studio (Endarker Studio Sweden)