Floex: Zorya by Tomáš Dvořák - contemporary electronic with classical minimalism


1. Ursa Major 04:47
2. Casanova (free) 05:50
3. Blow Up 03:05 
4. Precious Creature feat. James Rone05:30
5. Forget-me-not 06:53
6. Veronika's Dream 05:18
7. Perlin Noise 01:24
8. Petr Parléř 05:42
9. Nel Blu feat. Musetta 05:22
10. Mecholup 05:21
11. Zorya Polunochnaya 03:03

Tomáš Dvořák's most profound album up to date is going further in exploration of acoustic music (especially classical minimalism) and contemporary electronic.

Album which takes as symbol Slavic night guard goddess “Zorya Polunochnaya” explores more deep, subconscious and nightly moods of music. However don’t be mistaken, this may be also Floex most energetic album - very adventurous, almost storytelling.

Braulio Rivas It's hard to pick a favorite here because all the tracks are heard as a single, unique masterpiece of an atmosphere which is even greater than Machinarium! (Realizing that I didn't think that would be something greater than that soundtrack. Zorya, it was!)Favorite track: Blow Up.