Fryderyk Jona: Wind experience - classic berlin school

Fryderyk Jona - born in 1984.
He lives and works in Mainz/Germany. He is a Polish electronic music composer, graduate of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (clarinet class).  Fryderyk’s work  is inspired by the Berlin school of electronic music: melancholy ambient, synths sequences combined with played sax. In december 2014 he founded his own music label SYNTHMUSIK LC48912.

1. Wind experience 16:10
2. Minisystem 07:20
3. Time collapse 06:55
4. Juno dream part 1 05:09
5. Juno dream part 2 04:25
6. Juno dream part 3 07:57
7. Funky rundkopf 07:54

Wind experience is the 1st studio album from Fryderyk Jona released under his own SYNTH MUSIK Label. Pure Electronic music with impressionistic improvised saxophon part (1st Track), space guitar melody, played with EBow on Funky rundkopf. Between the tracks deep melancholy ambient combines all of the songs in almost an hour music suite.
released 30 December 2014

Produced by Frydryk Jona
tags: electronic ambient ambient electronic berlin school electronic music electronica experimental electronic synthesizer Mainz