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George Whitty: First Solo Album!
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30 years of studio experience, more than 18 years writing 350+ pieces of music, and 23 years playing with my favorite artists will come together with the most brilliant musicians I know to record a CD I’ve been nurturing for years. This one is a very personal disc for me; it’s filled with music written for people I love, and I’m setting up to capture this all-star band at the peak of inspiration recording it.

Throughout my career, my very favorite work has always involved musicians from around the world; every culture seems to produce a different order of extreme musician that just makes me laugh out loud, and this disc will be a real world tour, featuring musicians from Cameroon, Denmark, Norway, the US, South America and more, each bringing their own feel to the disc. PledgeMusic is a great avenue to bring these people on board, and we’ll be filming the whole time as we record so pledgers can tune in to some really intense sessions featuring the scope of the world’s musical genius. The music is extremely melodic, grooving, and filled with a lot of really rich harmony; sounds effortless when you hear it, but it takes master musicians to get on top of the wave and surf it the right way. Partnering with PledgeMusic enables me to get these musicians for what they’re worth, and I have several terrific guest artists I’d like to bring on board as well, each playing on a tune cut to what they do best.

This disc will be recorded in a variety of places; some commercial studio time, some personal studio time, and a lot in my studio in the mountains outside Los Angeles. I’m going to go for as much of a live band recording as possible, so the video and pics available to pledgers should really be great. And we’ve come up with a whole host of other great options for ways to be a part of this music. Take a look at these, thanks for being a part of this music, and welcome onboard!

George Whitty Solo: Fun With Maschine (Fast Latin)