Jerome Froese: Top 10 download charts of my first three solo albums

Jerome Froese

These are the Top 10 download charts of my first three solo albums for the first half of 2015. It's a summary of all major download shops (iTunes, Goggle Play, Amazon etc.) The result is quite interesting and probably not quite in the way most people expected (at least by me). What do you think? (Samples of all albums can now be heard on wink emoticon Have a nice week! Best, Jerome

01. Scroll to Position - (from "Far Side Of The Face" 2012)

02. Can You See the Sunset from the Southside? - (from "Shiver Me Timbers" 2007)

03. Through Love and Deed - (from "Shiver Me Timbers" 2007)

04. Crystal Red - (from "Far Side Of The Face" 2012)

05. Under the Black Flag - (from "Shiver Me Timbers" 2007)

05. Airborne - (from "Shiver Me Timbers" 2007)

06. Control Your Curiosity - (from "Far Side Of The Face" 2012)

07. Playing for Penalties - (from "Shiver Me Timbers" 2007)

08. Inside the Secret - (from "Shiver Me Timbers" 2007)

09. Mrs. Misty Kiss - (from "Shiver Me Timbers" 2007)

10. Im Museum für Mechanik - (from "Shiver Me Timbers" 2007)

and as a bonus, I'm also giving you the LOOM TOP 5 download charts from the beginning of last year until now (Releases: 200 002 EP & "The Tree Hates The Forest")

01. Polaroids from Anywhere

02. Emerald Suite

03. Bandhu

04. The Vedic Ritual

05. Chants Beyond the Underworld