Northlane: Node Pre-Orders - Aussie progressive Metalcore

Northlane is an Australian metalcore band from Blacktown, Sydney, New South Wales, formed in 2009. The band consists of guitarists Jon Deiley and Josh Smith, bassist Alex Milovic, drummer Nic Pettersen and vocalist Marcus Bridge. They are named after the song "North Lane" by Architects. Northlane has released two full-length albums, Discoveries (2011) and Singularity (2013), as well as a 2010 EP, Hollow Existence. They are expected to release their third studio album, Node, in July 2015.

This Sunday evening (UK time), Mr Daniel P. Carter​ will be debuting a brand new Northlane​ song titled 'Obelisk' on the BBC Radio 1​ Rock Show:

Current members
Jon Deiley – lead guitar (2009–present)
Josh Smith – rhythm guitar (2009–present)
Alex Milovic – bass guitar (2009–2010, 2011–present)
Nic Pettersen – drums, percussion (2010–present)
Marcus Bridge – vocals (2014–present)

London - 7pm
Germany - 8pm
Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne - 4am
Perth - 2am
West Coast North America - 11am
East Coast North America - 2pm

You'll be able to stream the show here -

Pre-Orders will be launching the same day via 24Hundred​, MerchNOW,​ and New Damage Records​.

Northlane - Node [Official Trailer]