Rameses B: Step Inside EP - great chillout dubstep future garage

"I'm Rameses B and I've been a passionate music producer for over 10 years now. I'm based in a humble Yorkshire city called Leeds & have independently funded my music career which now has a back catalogue of well over 100 songs, about half of them being free downloads. I do this because I enjoy expressing my creativity and allowing others to enjoy these creations as well."

Best known for the melodic textures and ambient soundscapes that evoke different emotions within his music, Rameses has built up the knowledge about sound & music over many years and takes pride in being an independent artist; sharing his music with the world.

"I taught myself piano, I taught myself how to produce.. my desire for creativity kept me going. Guided by college and university, this wasn't something I inherited. But it's something I know I was born to do"

With a huge catalogue of sounds you'll be sure to find something that suits your needs, ranging in genre, emotions and style there is something for everybody.

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Polina Frosty Rameses's music is a great background for some philosophical thoughts and researching the depths of the soul. All 4 tracks in the EP differently influenced me, so many different emotions ran through (happiness mixed with a bit of sorrow along with shivers down the spine). His talent to experiment with different styles is simply amazing and never dissapoints and this EP is no exception. Music of my spirit) Favorite track: Arise.
1. Better Days 05:20
2. Step Inside 04:20
3. Arise 04:22
4. Fade Away 04:31

about  https://ramesesb.bandcamp.com/album/step-inside-ep
Four-track EP each one a different genre but bringing those melodic feels back into your auditory system. From feel-good to the nostalgic, you can expect to be moved by the music in some way.
released 09 June 2015
tags: chillout drum & bass dubstep electro electronic future basstrance trap bass music future garage Leeds

Rameses B - Fade Away

Rameses B - Better Days

Rameses B - Arise