Stefan Torto: The Forbidden Journey - otherworldly soundscapes that are full of emotion and rich atmospheres

The Forbidden Journey
by Stefan Torto
1. Ampoule 05:41
2. Radical Consciousness 05:14
3. Inside you I can see 06:24
4. Hidden forms of Happiness 06:33
5. Moving Crossroads 06:14
6. Adhawk 05:56
7. Liberation of Truth 05:32
8. Inloving 04:24
9. Pelagio 05:49
10. Calling your name 03:50

Stefan Torto returns with a delightful new album on Cosmicleaf Records. With his distinct sense of musicality he conjures otherworldly soundscapes that are full of emotion and rich atmospheres. Defying categorisation yet always friendly to the listeners ear, Stefan's music is just the right treat to relax after a long day on earth, bringing you back to the essential. There is plenty to discover on The Forbidden Journey and new dimensions keep revealing themselves even after many listens. Leave your luggage behind and get ready for take-off.
released 22 June 2015

All music written and produced by Stefanos Tortopoglou .

Special thanks to Nik Miamis, Cydelix Goerge, Mike Theodorakis, Spyros Koudounas, Digitribe team and all of you for your love and support all this years.
This album is dedicated to my wife and my family.
Cover design by Mike Theodorakis
Mastering by Cydelix George
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