Sylvain Carel: Heritage - synths from the ambient berlin school

1. Last Song for a Vestal 06:17
2. Gladiator's Arena 05:56
3. Conquest for the Golden Fields 08:22
4. The Gates of Petra 06:09
5. Old Stones Memories 04:30
6. In the Court of the King 06:55
7. Here was the Pilgrim 07:25
8. Solar Priest 07:48
9. Exile 07:15
10. Jasmina Flower 05:09
11. Tribal Dance 07:19

The author about his music:
'Heritage' is somewhere the continuity of the album 'Caravansary' (AD Music label), a travel through the perfumed world of the Middle East, where some places are marked by the history of Antiquity.

As a storyteller, I like to make, one more time with this new album, a soundtrack for a movie of which the scenario was writen yet.
I am a French musician, studied composition, harmony and computer music, then built my own studio.I am also an experienced traveller who had visited places as diverse as The Red Sea, Jordania, Syria, Northern Africa, India, Kashmir..
So, these countries really captivate my mind, the musics I compose are just a pretext not to leave them.But I have to take time to improve the fascination with them before composing.
Then, I try to give a colourful coherence to the musics, without falling in the usual world style.But inevitably, my work has strong ethnic influences.

About this new album 'Heritage', the mentioned places - Roma, Petra, Palmyra .. were in fact all interrelated in the History
(- 200 BC + 200 AC)They were the witness of some romantic stories, and dramatic too.
On the other hand, the album is a tribute to these places which belong to the Humanity, in danger today of being destroyed for ever.

Many reviewers, composers and fans think that each of my albums are soaked by a strong cinematographic fragrance, and I enjoy that; this confirms I am right with my musical approach.
But to wide the horizons of contemporary Electronic Music with more melodic works, centred on more accessible structures, is not an easy work, of course.
My approach of composition was becoming more conventional, more 'traditional'.
After all, I have to say that synthesizers, electronics, and all many others symphonic & ethnic sound libraries, are only tools, in order to build music with coherent intentions.
With all these various instruments, mixed together, that is a real challenge.

Finally, my wish is to get listeners - and fans of melodic instrumental music, even it be electronic, new age or space music - with me on a new journey with each of my albums.
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