The Roboter: The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy - epic Berlin-school blade-runner cyberpunk

1. Aftermath 02:58 
2. Fragmented Memory 02:48
3. The Cyborg Factor 02:46
4. Restore From Cloud 01:15
5. Investigation 02:00
6. Origins 01:51
7. Underground Attack 01:40
8. Firewall 01:26
9. Platinum Prophet 04:08
10. Alternating Currents 02:27
11. Section Nine 02:36
12. Dragons Den 01:18
13. Engagement Parameters 01:40
14. Jupiter Mission 02:16
15. On The Run 01:21
16. The Old Ways 03:08
17. New Shinjuku City 02:06
18. Relay Switch 00:30
19. Crosstalk 03:24
20. Is This All That I Am? 01:39
21. Cyber Command 01:00
22. Engage! 02:00
23. Secured Positions 02:31
24. In Ancient Times 03:24
25. Altered Timelines 03:12
26. Unintended Consequences 01:41
27. Like Tears in Rain 01:30
28. Cyber Prophecy, Scene 01: Fragmented Memories (audiobook part 1)) 12:10
29. Cyber Prophecy, Scene 02: The Platinum Prophet Investigation (audiobook part 2) 12:03
30. Cyber Prophecy, Scene 03: Flesh and Wires (audiobook part 3) 10:04
31. Cyber Prophecy, Scene 04: Living in a Cyber World (audiobook part 4) 11:30
32. Cyber Prophecy, Scene 05: Rewriting Timelines (audiobook part 5) 10:27
33. Cyber Prophecy, Scene 06: Brave New World (audiobook part 6) 06:41
34. The Motoko Files - Cyber Prophecy (Narrated by Steven Barber) 27:24

Inspired by the science-fiction and cyberpunk literary genres, this deluxe album set includes both the complete narrated audio book with music soundtrack and the separate music-only tracks for “The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy” - a short story inspired by such classics as Blade Runner (1), Ghost in The Shell (2), and William Gibson’s cyberpunk novels (3).

Story intro: Motoko is a cyber-cop who wakes up on top of a skyscraper with her cyber brain in shambles as she tries to reconstruct her memories. Who is she? What happened to her?”

The music soundtrack and separate included album is in a cinematic electronic genre, deeply evocative of the mystery and adventure as it unfolds in the story of a world where technology is integrated into the very core of each human being.

This album contains original content only, music and story, written by the author. The following references are for illustrative purposes only (any semblances to people, organizations, or places real or imagined outside of the story are purely coincidental) :

This album contains the original audiobook narration read Dj Design Steve (Steven Barber). This is an evocative audio narration with special fx blended to enhance the mood of each track. Listen to Steve's online radio show every

A later version of an audiobook narration by Rebekkah Hilgraves was also produced following Steve's production. You will find this more recently produced version available

(1) Blade Runner is a 1982 film directed by Ridley Scott.
(2) Ghost in The Shell is an original work by Masamune Shirow.
(3) William Ford Gibson is a Canadian author know for his novels in the Cyberpunk genre.
released 04 July 2014

Special thanks to:
- Steven Barber for his wonderful voice narration of the short story
- an09 at DeviantArt for sharing her amazing cyborg art photo-element used in the image cover.
- Jean-Luc Charron for final album artwork

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