Totemtag: caught up in YouTube fake copyright claim - Berlin School of Synth

In order not to lose time, I was practically obliged to delete this video. Youtube sent to to me a notification that there was a "copyright" problem. BUT THIS DOESN'T EXIST! The music is MINE! When I asked the link of the musical producer who made the complaint (in order I could do a confrontation) I had no answer. I was simply told to make appeal. But there is NO reason to do that as the piece is just MINE! I truly hope that my piece has not been STOLEN by one who wants to monetize on MY WORK. I remind to everyone that my YT account is NOT monetized and that I am not interested at all to copy pieces from others. This is MY MUSIC AND NOTHING ELSE! Finally, I ask Youtube and everyone else to let me in peace and not to disturb me any more. Please!

Totemtag - Heavenly Thoughts

Life and Death... maybe they are the same thing for consciousness.

Totemtag - Heart Beat