Vincenzo Avallone: Valhalla Room - Ambient Djent Space Metal Clean Guitar


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here is me testing Valhalla Room with my basic clean tone.

Valhalla Room is an extremely powerful reverb vst and it covers from small rooms to immense space gorgeous reverb tones..all you hear in this video was recorded using just valhalla room and in some spots using Echoboy for a little bit of delay.

In the last tests i've mixed my main space ambient tone with a voice library tracked in real time using Jam Origin MidiGuitar.

here ive used:
Ernie Ball MusicMan jp6
Lextac and lecab 2.0 in stereo as my main clean tone
Valhalla Room for reverb and space ambient tones
Echoboy for delay put infront of the amp
Jam Origin Midi Guitar for Real time midi tracking used to drive the main vocal tones in the last examples
Kontakt 5+ voices of elfs shavannai

all mixed by me at deep water recordings in salerno italy.
Valhalla Room Demo - Ambient Djent Space Metal Clean Guitar