Widek: Compilation Of Progressive Rock 2014 - Oceanic Prog (Full Album)

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1) Widek -- Skylight (feat. Gru)
2) Person Grata -- Ace
3) In Progress -- Cloudburst
4) Brotherhood -- Highlander
5) Hemina -- Haunting Me
6) Zombie Frogs -- Potentially Broken Orange
7) Fates Pride -- The Deceptive and Deadly
8) Zombie Frogs -- Kamikaze Babushka
9) Persona Grata -- Edge of Insanity
10) Glass Mind - Detritus
11) Brotherhood -- Eternal Love
12) Fates Pride - Les Invalides
13) Vougan -- Angellus
14) Lunix -- Visions of the Mind

Recently ocean-bound and independent progressive bands unite to create a stunning compilation album, Oceanic Prog, in APP Format. The Oceanic Prog album is available for free in the Amazon Appstore for Android phones and tablets, and in the Barnes & Noble Appstore for Nook devices. The album is also coming soon for iOS and Kindle.

"In a world where smartphone and tablet Android device activations have surpassed one billion, a critical mass has been achieved making the release of music products in App format viable," says Oceanic Prog producer Anthony Morse. He previously produced the Classic Rock Magazine Track of The Day winning album Honor Thy Drummer.

A music video has been created to support the launch, with the song "Cloudburst" by In Progress feat. Kevin Moore and Hwei Ling. The video was created and designed by Chiral Media Australia.

Background and Cover Artwork for Oceanic Prog appears courtesy of Chris Cold.

Progressive Rock 2014 - Oceanic Prog (Full Album)