WNDFRM: Underwolcen - A Technical Sequence Of Aestethic Emphasis

1. Underwolcen [Version]
2. Underwolcen [Motive Form] 07:14
3. Underwolcen [Musicassette Cut 1]
4. Underwolcen [Musicassette Cut 2]

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The 5th Release From Rome Based Truth or Consequences Comes From Far Away Portland, Oregon Enfolded By The New Prologue Music Face, WNDFRM.
Underwolcen Is A Parallel Geodynamic Framework Located Above The World Of The Living: Tim Westcott Inserts The Listeners In A Technical Sequence Of Aestethic Emphasis, Sharing With Us His Vision Of Dream-Electronic Music.
Release Is Out In 2-Tracks 10" Inch Limited Vinyl Edition And A 50 Minutes Drone Experimental Live Session Available Exclusively On Musicassette, Twirled Deep Into A Brain-Melting Swinging Between Microtonal Compositions And Hypertextural Rhythms: Essential.
releases 30 June 2015

© Truth or Consequences 2015. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the recorded works reserved.

Written and produced by WNDFRM aka Tim Westcott

Cutted at Analogcut Mastering - Vinyl Dubplate

tags: electronic drone dub techno electronic experimantal