Arkiture: Exodus EP - chillstep electronic experimental


Hi all!
Finally releasing my new mini-album, Exodus!!! grin emoticon! I'll include one of the more 'wild' songs for some of you to listen to!

I've gone all out on this one and taken a new direction with a fusion of electronic sounds and orchestral instruments! Some up-beat some downtemp or a mixture. So those of you who enjoy deep house, chillstep etc might like some of these! All feedback is appreciated so let me know what you all think!

Student of Japanese language and a musician in my spare time! I make mostly orchestral and soundtrack music that would suit a video game. I've been passionate about games since I was young so I take a lot of inspiration from them when writing my music. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer :)!


1. Drifting 04:03
2. Turbulance 01:44
3. Arcadia 03:03
4. Anomaly 05:03


As humanity enters a new age and begins to travel the stars in search of new worlds, a lone Spacer finds themselves above an alien garden world. But they soon come to realise that we may not be alone in this galaxy...

~ Thanks to all the family, friends and fans who have supported me during the making of this album!
released 07 June 2015