Calibrate: Etheric Echoes by electronic ambient chillout from Australia

Etheric Echoes
by Calibrate

1. Orbital Prayers 09:38
2. Mystic Kingdom 07:52
3. Dreams Align 09:27
4. Realms of Revival 06:44
5. Sleeping Temples 08:08
6. Sirius Serenity 08:25
7. Echoic Compass 09:22

This album awakens the energetic echoes and memories of the unseen; an ambient sound healing journey into ones subconscious and the collective universal mind.
Incorporating cutting edge scientific brain entrainment technologies
and eclectic tuning systems, interwoven with nature soundscapes and harmonious melodies, this album is perfect for your mediation, yoga and mindfulness practice.
released 21 July 2015

Producer Valentin Santana
Mixing&Mastering Liam Shy
tags: electronic ambient binaural chillout deep healing intentionalmeditation melodic Australia