Enmarta: Sea of Black - Dark Ambient, post apocalyptic sci-fi from Oregon

Sea of Black by Enmarta

1. Enmarta 08:08
2. Dark Asylum 07:56
3. Aesthetics 06:264. Nekrosis 06:34
5. Putrefaction Chamber 10:08
6. Ecstatic Paradigm 06:28

Dark Ambient with influences from the vast corners of the earth combining ritualistic elements, fine texture work, throat singing and live viola. A multifaceted album that will attract those in search of a multilayered dark ambient experience with classical influences.

Available in 24bit FLAC
credits https://cryochamber.bandcamp.com/album/sea-of-black
released 30 June 2015

Written, Produced, Performed and Live Viola - Siegfried L
Mastered and Artwork - Simon Heath