Jerome Froese: LOOM reprint in the 10 year anniversary of the Moonpop/Cybersounds Shop!

Jerome Froese



We have compiled an impressive collection of items for celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Moonpop/Cybersounds Shop!

Many of you have recently asked me point-blank if there will be another rarities sale at Cybersounds like in the previous years. Well, a big problem with rarities is that they are principally rare (You don't say so! wink emoticon, so it's not an unusual thing that we are slowly running out of supplies. But hey, like a gold prospector would say: If you think you have mined all valuable objects ... dig deeper!! So did I and if I may say so, I found more sensational discoveries for you. Due to the fact that I'm not a collector of my own Memorabilia I'm making them available for you: The fans!

So move over to the shop on Friday and get what you can as long as it's available, cause in the last years the best items were gone within the first hour. Especially check out the "Rarities", "Merchandise" and "Unique Items" sections.

We also have LOOM reprints back in stock (Btw. thanks to all fans for making these a real long runner)! Rather unexpected, a very few sealed copies of my long out of print first solo album Neptunes also reappeared and are now available to complete your collection smile emoticon

As you know from the past years, some items may appear quite/very expensive but please don't start a price discussion here on my FB account, there's no obligation to buy something.

If you like to have any items signed by me, please write down a request in the commentary field on checkout of your order.

Thanks and have a nice week!
Best, Jerome

After almost one year of hard studio work we’re proud to say that LOOM’s first studio album is now finished. Expect a blend of traditional electronica combined with great melodies, modern guitar techniques and virtuosic musicality. Created and produced by one of the most promising electronic music projects in the scene.

01. Polaroids From Anywhere 08:09
02. Cloudwalk 04:35
03. Quantal Highways 04:17
04. The Vedic Ritual 08:39
05. A Grand Solar Minimum 07:07
06. Bandhu 09:33
07. A Night Out At The Cirqus Voltaire 06:17
08. Chants Beyond The Underworld 05:07
09. Emerald Suite 08:27
10. Tachycardia 05:54