John Christian: Sol Invictus - ambient berlin school electronic from Reading UK

Sol Invictus by John Christian
John Christian is a UK based electronic musician. Since 1995 he has been a member of airsculpture who play improvised electronica broadly in the "Berlin School" style.

As a solo artist, John's music presents more composed, structured soundscapes, often featuring his signature of carefully crafted, shifting sequencer layers.

1. Pacific 09:06
2. Raptorigel 06:55
3. Holology 07:15
4. Shadowcast 13:24
5. Ice Nine 24:24

Like Susbarbatus, Sol Invictus is a collection of tracks that have developed over the course of several years.

Working (OK, playing) by myself in my studio allows me to explore different musical territories that wouldn't work in the band context with airsculpture. Here the tracks are much more carefully constructed. The common thread is a base of dense multi-layered sequences that shift and blend, sometimes imperceptibly. Antiquark (from the Susbarbatus album) was the first example of this approach; here it is applied to varied tracks with distinct feels, sometimes with sequences running in isolation, sometimes as a bed for played parts.

Listen with the lights out.
released 18 April 2015