Katahimikan: Balance - ambient cinematic post-rock from Berlin

Katahimikan: Balance

1. Shimmer 11:59
2. Gloom 13:00

about https://needaname.bandcamp.com/album/balance
"Balance" is a 2-track single from my side project "Katahimikan".

"Shimmer" and "Gloom" are, from the starting point, both the same track.

The difference is in the processing and resampling, which I executed in completely different ways: starting with an audio file sampled from some of my old music, I created the first track, "Shimmer", which then I resampled to create the second, "Gloom".
released 27 July 2015

All music written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered
by Dario Lupo.

Cover art graphics and editing by Dario Lupo.