Metatron Omega: Gnosis Dei - space ambient available for pre order

1. Apotheosis 07:40
2. Godhead Emanation
3. Eye of Providence
4. Ordo Draconis
5. Hierosgamos
6. Hypostasis
7. Transfiguration

Scorpio V from Serbia presents us with Metatron Omega, a dark ambient project inspired by a variety of Eastern/Western esoteric and religious traditions. Massive choir works paints a picture of dilapidated cathedrals crumbling under the pressure of time. Sacred vocal work speaks of the path to enlightenment to a backdrop of textural field recordings and monasterial reverberations.

Available in 24 bit FLAC
releases 14 July 2015

Produced, Performed, Written, Lyrics - Scorpio V
Artwork and Mastering - Simon Heath