Out of Jetlag: Orbital Shelter : The Chronicles - progressive psytrance duo from Paris, France.

1. Dinosaurs from Space 07:37
2. The Atomic Man 06:15
3. Leaving the Comfort Zone 06:52
4. New Horizons 07:03
5. Cybernetized 07:59
6. The Mind of God 07:24
7. Orbital Shelter ft. Sensitive Seeds 07:40
8. Dust of Dawn 07:39
9. Think Green ft. Oxilite 07:03

about https://nataraja.bandcamp.com/album/orbital-shelter-the-chronicles
Orbital Shelter, The Chronicles is the long awaited first album of Out Of Jetlag, a progressive psytrance duo from Paris, France.
Travel from one end of the universe to the other and explore unexpected sonic landscapes with this musical space opera, through nine chapters of the Memoir of a galactic exile.

The broad range of sounds and melodies, a very personal style and a top notch production sets this album as a real highlight of the renewal of progressive psychedelic trance that is definitely worthy of a place in your collection.
released 30 June 2015

Camille Jan, Romain Richard
tags: electronic progressive house progressive trance ambient minimalpsytrance Paris