Roel Funcken: Dreampty ep by electronic ambient glitch from Amsterdam

Dreampty ep
by Roel Funcken

1. Jeptic Une 04:33 2. Zink Blession 02:27
3. Dreampty 02:59
4. Cyance - Demonic (Roel Funcken rmx)03:06
5. Spone (digital bonus track) 02:52

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Back for his third and most experimental release on the label Roel Funcken delves into dark and dreamlike states with the latest 'Dreampty' EP. On this five-tracker Funcken combines downtempo and bass heavy rhythm with slowly evolving and moody soundscapes, displaying a love for deep and intuitive electronica. Offering many of the instantly recognizable Funckarma sounds this EP works both on the dancefloor as it does on headphone. Key tracks are the cold and desolate 'Jeptic Une' and haunting 'Dreampty' whereas 'Zink Blession' sounds warm, almost 'oldschool' in the best way possible. Most accessible and genuine soundsystem material is the remix for Cyance titled 'Demonic'. 'Spone' is a great bonus only appearing digitally.

The 'Dreampty' EP is pressed on a 10" white vinyl and folded inside a poster with amazing artwork by Shift. Ultra limited edition of 200 plus free download coupon.
released 12 July 2013