Sentinel: The Primordial Ruin - progressive metalcore ambient djent from Melbourne

The Primordial Ruin by Sentinel

1. Hubris 05:16
2. The Terrible Lie (Hope) 03:55
3. Nadir 02:58
4. The Horrible Truth (Failure) 03:53
5. Revelations 02:58
6. Odium 04:27
7. The Primordial Ruin 06:33

released 03 July 2015

All music and lyrics written by Sentinel.

Guest vocals on The Terrible Lie - Chris Millward from Glorified
Guest vocals on Nadir - Mark Poida from Aversions Crown
Guest vocals on The Primordial Ruin - Mason Bunt from Pridelands

Recorded and engineered by Aaron Beale at Parallel Recordings:

Mixed and mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings:

Artwork by Pär Olofsson: