Shreyas Skandan: The Shreyas Skandan Project - metal ambient rock from Bangalore

1. Astron Nomos 05:15
2. Mariner 05:12
3. The Philosopher's Curse 03:39

This EP features guest spots from some incredible musicians - Joe Marro on Astron Nomos, Rune Berre on Mariner and Shivram Krishnan on pianos throughout the EP.

The EP was mixed and mastered by Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor.
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The photograph used in the album cover was purchased via Can Stock Photo.

TSSP EP was recorded using Daemoness Guitars, Bareknuckle Blackhawk Pickups, Warwick Basses, Fractal Audio AXE FX 2 and Timber Tones plectrums.

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released 30 October 2014

Shreyas Skandan, Shivram Krishnan, Joe Marro, Rune Berre, Keshav Dhar