Sonic Mayhem: Doomsday - Sascha Dikiciyan - electronic cinematic soundscape from Los Angeles

Doomsday by Sonic Mayhem
1. 00110110 00110110 00110110 02:39
2. Futureland (feat. Power Glove) 06:03
3. Doomsday 08:22
4. Bleed Forever (feat. Malukah) 07:30
5. Genesis 08:56
6. Doomsday (Off World Ambient Mix)06:41

Rejecting traditional composition arrangements and venturing beyond typical soundtrack formats or concept album norms, DOOMSDAY takes the listener on a rebellious journey of sonic conflicts and discovery of new musical sounds as Dikiciyan mashes and traverses multiple genres, never compromising his vision for an original, emotive soundtrack experience to a movie that does not exist…all processed through his own challenging, unique electronic punk voice that is Sonic Mayhem.
released 17 July 2015

Sonic Mayhem is Sascha Dikiciyan

Written, performed and produced by Sascha Dikiciyan.

“Futureland” Co-written by Power Glove.
“Bleed Forever” Co-written by Malukah.

Mixed by Sonny DiPerri
Mastering by Dave Cooley at Elysian Mastering

Additional sound design: Andrew Souter & Matt Bowdler

Additional Guitars on Bleed Forever by Bret Blue Stahli

All Artwork & Design: Steve Gerdes
Management: Cool Music LTD
PR by Top Dollar PR