Steve Rothery: The Ghosts Of Pripyat (Gatefold clear 2LP+CD)

Artist: Steve Rothery
Format: LP + CD
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 31.07.2015

LP 1 Side A
01. Morpheus (07:56)
02. Kendris (06:09)
LP 1 Side B
01. Old Man Of The Sea (11:43)
LP 2 Side A
01. White Pass (07:52)
02. Yesterday's Hero (07:21)
LP 2 Side B
01. Summer's End (08:47)
02. The Ghosts Of Pripyat (05:33)
01. Morpheus (07:56)
02. Kendris (06:09)
03. Old Man Of The Sea (11:43)
04. White Pass (07:52)
05. Yesterday's Hero (07:21)
06. Summer's End (08:47)
07. The Ghosts Of Pripyat (05:33)

Title The Ghosts Of Pripyat (Gatefold clear 2LP+CD)
Artist Steve Rothery
Format LP + CD
Label InsideOut Music
Release Date 31.07.2015
Packaging Group II
Item number 0IO01441
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