Stimulus Timbre: F​.​I​.​S​.​A​.​R. - progressive psybient chill out from Greece

1. Journey Begins 06:37
2. Controlled Frequencies 06:47
3. Solar Energy 07:40
4. Continuity 07:19
5. Lost Particles 08:11
6. Inspired Soul 07:04
7. Journey to the Temple 06:00
8. Freedom 07:51

Release your mind and let it float up to this cathedral in the clouds, where a concert of celestial frequencies and divine melodies awaits you. Stimulus Timbre mixes his smooth vibes of light with beats of distant thunder, keeping the listener at the perfect cruising altitude. The tracks move you forward, always with purpose, never in a hurry. If you listen carefully you might even notice a few unidentified resonating objects, hiding between the clouds, riding the sunrays straight into our heart.

released 06 July 2015