Warp Prism: EVOLUTION - progressive space metal from Sarasota

1. Origin 04:23
2. The Great Year 04:56
3. Inherent 06:24
4. Slipstream 05:59
5. Evolution 07:22
6. The Infinite: Alternity 01:33
7. The Infinite: Solace 03:06
8. The Infinite: Decay 03:42
9. The Infinite: Hypoxia 03:10
10. Solutus 02:23
11. Hypersurface 04:43
12. Ekpyrosis 10:40
13. (undefined) 01:40

about http://warpprismband.com/album/evolution
This album was a big process for us. What started out as a few simple ideas soon turned into big concepts and the scale of things escalated until we realized that this was truly something special to us.

With hundreds and hundreds of hours of ourselves put into this album, we hope the emotions and love we put into it show when you listen.
released 12 December 2012

Ryan Wall - Vocals, Synths, Bass, Samples
Kevin Suter - Guitars, Samples
Max Karon - Lead Guitars, Clean Guitars

Drum Programming - Kevin, Ryan and Max.
Mixing and Mastering - Kevin, Ryan and Max.

Additional Vocal Production - Spencer Roberts

Support and Love

Andy Hauck - For being there to subjectively listen and give you a straight answer when you need it.
George Hayduk - For being a huge supporter of us and our music.
Jason Lamb - For being a good friend and Canadian supporter of us and our music.

Finally a huge thank you to the rest of our friends and our families for being supportive and allowing us to keep doing this.