Afternaut: Skywave - modular synth science fiction Liverpool

Skywave by Afternaut

1. wave 1 01:03
2. Station 03:53
3. Omission 04:37
4. Decline 04:29
5. Numbers 05:20
6. wave 2 00:43
7. Downfall 06:09
8. Disconnect 04:55
9. Isolation 04:45
10.wave 3 00:58

This album is inspired by the enigma of numbers stations and is based around a mysterious distress call.

This project was made with the support of the Merseyside Arts Foundation.
released 28 August 2015

Skywave was written, recorded and produced by Afternaut
Source sessions recorded at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
Mixing and mastering by Chris Taylor at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
Cover art by Adam Rowley
Special thanks to Peter Shilton, Andrew Ellis, Chris Bye, Christopher Torpey, Rachel Brockley and Andrew Fowler.