Emil Bringsli: Fjell ambient instrumental progressive metal from Norway

Fjell by Emil Bringsli
1. Thoughts 06:32
2. Birds 06:20
3. Flex 05:26
4. Self Harm 07:12
5. Fjell 03:23
6. Wander 07:02

about  https://emilbringsli.bandcamp.com/album/fjell
Thanks a LOT to
Demetrio Scopelliti - For letting me borrow his studio to reamp the guitars.
Gry Svanhild K. Hole - For doing the vocals.
Simen Sandnes - For playing the drums.
Lacza Design - For designing the artwork!
Mathias Gunnulfsen - For recording the drums.
released 03 August 2015
tags: metal ambient electronic experimental instrumental progressive metal Norway