Epitome: Patterns - ambient djent instrumental progressive metal from Taipei

Patterns https://epitometw.bandcamp.com/album/patterns
by Epitome

1. Omega Point (feat. James Norbert Ivanyi) 05:21
2. Monolith 04:25
3. Altered Traits (feat. James Norbert Ivanyi) 05:25
4. Meteoric 04:14
5. Theta 08:18

'Patterns' is the debut album from Epitome, progressive instrumental metal with influences ranging from post rock, ambient music to even technical death metal.
Written, recorded, and mixed by Dans Huang in Taipei, Taiwan during 2015.

released 08 June 2015

All music written, arranged, programmed, produced and mixed by Dans Huang.
Mastered by Matt Harnett.
Guest solos by James Norbert Ivanyi.
Art direction and design by Sandy Lin.