Skyharbor: Out of Time from India featuring with Towering vocals of Eric Emery

Out of Time
by Skyharbor

Out of Time' marks the start of a very exciting and challenging phase for us as a band. As we have done from the beginning, with each release we love to explore a different facet of our music, and add that to the core musical values that define us - emotion, intensity and groove. Aditya and Eric have brought a whole new perspective to our songwriting, and we're so excited to move into the future and create something special with this next album. We are exploring some unfamiliar yet exciting sounds, but staying 100% true to what makes Skyharbor what it is.

I'm on a mission that's never ending
Unwavering state of mind
Chemical thoughts wont stop the bleeding
We're led by the blind

Can't stand to fall in line as you lay your finger on the trigger
Echo the paradox of your empty lies into the ether
Circle like moths to a flame
Now it's time for a change with the fault lines shifting
You are the solace I found inside

All out of time, but we wont be left behind
Run and hide again
Tear it down instead
Till theres nothing left inside

Echoing chaos if ever pressing
Threading needles through the lies
With so much loss and second guessing
What a shame we closed our eyes

I'm done waiting for you
With so much to lose
Confiscating the truth
Embers burning through
With our fates aligned
Can't be left behind

The silence will break us all
And steal away our light
Each hour the end is calling
Together we survive

Now your time's up
released 27 August 2015
Artwork: Kaitlin Beckett | A Curious Bestiary (
Written and performed by Skyharbor
Recorded at YRF Studios, Illusion Audio and Emery Recording
Piano, synths & additional sound design by Aidan O'Brien
Strings arranged by Randy Slaugh
Mixed and mastered by Forrester Savell
Produced by Skyharbor