Virtual Symmetry: Soul's Reflections - progressive metal

Virtual Symmetry - Soul's Reflections OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
Song From Message From Eternity upcoming album (Featuring Jordan Rudess - Dream Theater)

Directed By: Gianni Vacca
Music and arrangements by: Valerio Æsir Villa
Lyrics by: Sirio Balmelli
Mix by: Sirio Balmelli
Master by: Mr. Ted Jensen
Recorded by: art360 Studios

Lead Voice: Marco Pastorino
Guitars: Valerio Æsir Villa
Bass Guitar: Alessandro Poppale
Keyboards: Ruben Paganelli
Drums: Davide Perpignano

Woman: Daisy Schneider

Technical Leader: Mario Castelli
Make up: Daniela Melis
Set Assistant: Giovanni Frino
Gaffer: Sergio Lolli


Andrea & Roberto Maccagno art360 studio, CEMM School of music and the Master Walter Donatiello, Gustavo Sazes, The Master Mike Mangini, Mr.Jordan Rudess and his Keyboards tech Keith Wechsler, Daniele Longoni & Marco Chiancianesi, Roberta Rizzo, Jacopo Frapporti, Gianni and Jessica (wall screen video Lugano), John Petrucci and all Dream Theater members thank you for your Inspiration and for your music, our families and everyone who has supported us in this new project!

We hope our music can reach your heart and shake your soul

Valerio: My family, my loves Sara & Federico, my sweet sister Roberta, my father Walter, my mother Enza, all my friends, Mr. Jordan Rudess, Mike Mangini for his friendship and make my dream come true, Marco Pastorino for his beautiful voice and for decision to follow me in this journey, my great friend and special bass player Alessandro Poppale thank you man for supporting me in this years, Roberta Rizzo, Andrea & Roberto Maccagno thank you for your patience and for your professional work, my Master Walter Donatiello - he gave me a huge knoledge and passion for the music, Alessandro del Vecchio, Mr. John Petrucci, Mr. James Labrie, Mr. John Myung, Mr. Steve Vai and all the artists that inspired me and my music. I would like to thank everyone who supported and believed in me in life.

Alessandro: My family, my sweet wife Jill, Andrea & Roberto Maccagno, Bass Master Michelangelo Flammia, Sirio Balmelli, Mr.John Myung and Mr.Jaco Pastorius for his inspiration.

Marco: Ila, my parents, Baby, Chiara, my best friends Luca, Aldo & Gabry, Andrea & Secret Sphere, Sandro & Temperance, Fede &Hatetyler. Life without music is not cool, support music. Enjoy life
MELODIC PROG METAL - Virtual Symmetry - Soul's Reflections (OFFICIAL HD)