Júlio Stotz: Korg Krome - COMBI MODE demo

Steve Hackett: Analysis - Santa Monica Pier - Please Don't Touch Memories

Stick Men: European tour dates and Tokyo live show recordings

Jason Richardson: Solo album fundraiser - technical metal

Joe Bonamassa: Live At Radio City Music Hall bumper DVD and CD pre order and UK tour dates

Redemption: Gatefold transp. blue 2LP+CD - Limited to 200 copies!

Caligula’s Horse: Bloom black LP+CD edition available

Nad Sylvan: Courting The Widow - Gatefold black 2LP+CD available

Jace Parales: Where To? - ambient instrumental

Kamelot: Insomnia live @ Tradgorn - Gothenburg - 2015

Flavio Sallin: Nightwish - Wanderlust - keyboard arrangement

Mistheria: Autumn, 1 + 3 Allegro - The 4 Seasons

Valentina Lisitsa: Win a once-in-a-lifetime visit to Abbey Road Studios with Composed and Classic FM

Endomain: Step In The Domain new album Athens based Power/Prog Metal band

Flavio Sallin: Bach meets iPad - Prelude in C Major BWV 846 (Geo Synthesizer)

The Agonist: Follow The Crossed Line from the new album

The Chronicles Project: When Darkness Falls - epic progressive metal from Germany

TesseracT: Survival from Polaris the new album and world tour dates

Jane Getter: Premonition ON - CD Preorder featuring Steven Wilson keyboard wizard Adam Holzman

David Gilmour: Fender Exclusive Content from a Legend

Scale the Summit: Trapped In Ice from the new album V

Polaris: UNFAMILIAR - Guitar Playthrough

Native Construct: Chromatic Aberration - progressive rock symphonic metal Boston

Elitist: Domino Theory - farewell performance with free goodies

Escape From Echo Base: Two If By Sea

Change Of Loyalty: Unexpected, Omelette and Suit & Tie playthroughs

In Dread Response: Myrrhbearer - metal from Auckland

Before The Mourning: The Deception new album available - great melodic power metal

Louder Than Life: festival details annnounced

Amberian Dawn: The Court Of Mirror Hall and UK tour dates

Riverside: "Love, Fear and the Time Machine" release and US tour dates

Mike Oldfield: “The Space Movie” Original Soundtrack To Be Released On CD For The First Time

Paul Lawler: berlin school electronic ambient electronic music from the United Kingdom

Vivaldi Metal Project: Milan Polak - WINTER 1st movement (Allegro) - king of picking lick!

Sanctuary: Existence Fading - The Year The Sun Died

Mira: Monochromia - performance playthrough

Sinnthetik: Lucidity track off re-mastered EP Concrescence

Paul Ellis: Moth in Flames - berlin school electronic sequencer from the United States

Rene van der Wouden: BauRauM - berlin school electronic from Gouda

Vanderson: Atonal Waves - berlin school electronica from Grudziądz

Syn: valles marineris - electronic ambient berlin school from the UK