David Gilmour: Fender Exclusive Content from a Legend

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David Gilmour is universally regarded as one of the finest guitarists to ever play a Stratocaster. His powerfully emotive voice on the instrument propelled him early on into the upper reaches of rock guitar reverence through his playing with Pink Floyd, in which he crafted some of the most famous guitar solos ever etched into black vinyl—think “Time” from 1973’s epic The Dark Side of the Moon, or his soaring and apocalyptic solos in “Comfortably Numb” from 1979’s The Wall.

Through guest appearances over the years onstage and in the studio with artists such as Paul McCartney, Kate Bush and Pete Townshend, and through his continuing successful solo career, Gilmour remains one of the world’s most respected and influential guitarists, and anyone’s list of the top Stratocaster players of all time invariably contains his name at or very close to the top.

Gilmour’s latest album, Rattle That Lock, marks yet another visionary milestone in his storied career. Produced by Gilmour and Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, the album features three instrumental tracks plus seven other tracks with lyrics penned either by Gilmour or novelist Polly Samson.


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