Protonic Storms: Inner Travelling - spacesynth synthpopsynthwave Poland

Inner Travelling
by Protonic Storm

1. Prelude 05:25
2. Dragon Plane 05:45
3. Orbitation 09:32 4. The Prophecy 10:39
5. Eternal Explorer (Original Mix) 07:15
6. Sky Exceeders (Follow The Stars)08:28
7. Ion Gods 11:16
8. Neomelancholy 11:02

This album was originally released in 2002 by Hypersound Productions. Now the label has been shut down and publishing rights have been returned to me. Since it's nearly impossible to buy physical thing (except via second hand), I decided to re-release it at Bandcamp for all those fans, who never had chance the get it.
released 18 August 2015

All tracks written and produced by Krzysztof Radomski, except track 6 written by Krzysztof Radomski and Jukke Lundqvist.
tags: 80's electronic spacesynth synth synthesizer synthpopsynthwave Poland