Skytree: Mineral Logic - electronic future bass psydub from New York

1. Lodestar
2. Phototrope 03:53
3. Dodecahelix
4. Forever Dream
5. Strange Attractor At The End Of History

28+ minutes of carefully bent stereoscopic soundforms, sourced from resonant minerals, plants, animals and artifacts. The first collection of new, original Skytree material since 2014's Cirrus Sapiens, Mineral Logic will be released on the last day of summer, September 22, 2015.

Pre-sale customers will also receive an undisclosed bonus EP ahead of its release by year's end.
releases 22 September 2015

All production by Evan Snyder
Vocals by Choric Lumina
Artwork and photography by Hayley Carloni:
Mastering by Brendan Connors:
Distribution by TIMEWHEEL: