Asur: Life ² 24bits ambient electronica remastered from Lyon

1. Golgotha - 24bits 06:12

2.Back To Light - 24bits 06:34

3.Galaxies Part One - 24bits 08:54

4.Celestial Tendencies - 24bits 09:08

5.Prophecy - 24bits 07:28

6.Five Lines - 24bits 09:31

7.Life² - 24bits 07:47

8.Galaxies Part Two - 24bits 10:39

9.Butterfly FX - 24bits 06:24

10.La Chanson de Carla - 24bits 04:55

Remaster 2015
Initial release date : 7/7/2007

The Asura project went through several mutations since its acclaimed first album Code Eternity (Ultimae), one of the best sellers in psychill ambient , at first considered an outsider in the scene, it now stands as a sonic landmark for many music passionates.

Lost Eden (TV Matters), their follow up release signed the band's consecration in the US and Germany.
In 2005 Charles Farewell took up the project as a solo.

[ Life² ] will mark its time as the return of the original Asura sound. With 10 strong tracks; melodic echoes, astoundingly composed.
Aramean tribal rhythms, ethereal duduks, hypnotic basslines, symphonic orchestrations, fusion of gentleness and strength blending into acid themes.

The outcome is melancholic yet positive, as any renewal would be, a tangible passage, sort of a second life...
released June 11, 2015

Written & produced by Charles Farewell.
Mastered by Vincent Villuis - Ultimae Studio.
Artwork by Vincent Villuis.
inre025-2 - (C) & (P) Ultimae.