Asura: Code Eternity - downtempo electronic music electronica from Lyon

1. Like a Summer Day 10:16
2. Trinity 10:05
3. Simply Blue 10:22
4. Phoenix 08:05
5. Code Eternity 09:24
6. Territories part one 04:25
7. XP Continuum 09:10

A 7 dreams ambient album. 63 minutes of travelling across faraway and solemn sound landscapes.

The band signs here his first album, a selection of two years of work and musical creation. Asura mixes acid melodies to panoramic layers and banging or ethereal rythms.In the end, Asura makes up for us a bright and melancholic world.

The album « Code Eternity » appears here as a sensuous and touching ambient symphony where world music meets electronic music, the acids and the 16/9°
released January 1, 2001

Written & produced by Vincent Villuis, Charles Farewell and Christopher Maze.
Artwork by Mat Wrecker.
Mastered by Huby Sea.

inre003 - (C) & (P) Ultimae