Asura: Radio Universe - ambient electronic music electronica from Lyon

1. Overture 09:55
2. Interlude Sky 07:17
3. Oblivion Gravity 11:56
4. Gaea (Transit) 01:07
5. Ascension in Blue 07:57
6. Farscape 7 (Featuring Ayten) 07:20
7. Lonely Star 08:30
8. Illuminations 08:50
9. Back to Earth 04:01
10. Everlasting (Album Edit) 09:56
11. [ Radio Universe ] | Full Mix 01:13:14

[ Radio Universe ], the fourth album by French composer Charles Farewell aka Asura to be released on Ultimae, presents a renewed vision of the seventies Space Music legacy.
This musical odyssey sends one drifting and spiralling through deep bass drones and multi-layered synth pads contrasted by the classic downtempo tracks the artist is famously known for.
A modern echo to the works of Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis floats all over the ten tracks of this galactic journey which will stand as a warp in music history and certainly a transition in Asura's discography.
released October 21, 2014

All tracks written & produced by Charles Farewell.
Except 'Farscape 7', written and produced by Charles Farewell & Ayten.
Studio 777 | France

Mastering by Vincent Villuis – Ultimae Studio (France).
inre057 - (C) & (P) 2014 Ultimae