Bana Haffar: Liquid Light Solid Motion

* Patch performed live * No overdubs *

Integrating a pair of Mother-32 semi-modular synthesizers with her eurorack case, electronic musician Bana Haffar programs an evolving analog soundscape that contrasts heavyweight power against delicate precision, showcasing the broad emotional range that can be expressed using the simple yet well-chosen circuits of the Mother-32.

The pair of Mother-32 eurorack compatible synthesizers generate the sonics for this piece with additional modulation and control opportunities made possible by each unit's 32-point patch bay, bridging the electronic connection to the external modules. For this patch, a Make Noise Rene sequences the Mothers' analog voices while a 4ms QCD supplies the Master Clock signal. External reverb and an MF-104M analog delay contribute depth and space to the patch.

Bana Haffar:


Liquid Light Solid Motion | Bana Haffar