Chords of Orion: Atmosphere ambient guitar drone instrumental post-rock shoegaze from Virginia

by chords of orion

1. atmosphere 05:11
2. the birds are your parishioners 07:00
3. silence of the seas 09:31
4. the calm before the storm 00:55
5. the memory of what has been 06:31
6. broken proverbs and torn sentences03:55
7. both tears and the sea are salty water04:51
8. love move 06:34
9. thou hast made me 04:12
10. the calm after the storm 02:55

Atmosphere is an ethereal set of ambient guitar meditations, several of which were created by "wind-powered" guitar techniques. It’s an album full of quiet, moody introspection, atmospheric harmonies and vaporous textures.
released October 20, 2015

Bill Vencil - guitars, soundscapes, drones, wind manipulation